A lot of flower motif accessories arrived

Popular flower motif accessories have arrived!
Winter is still in full swing... It's a cold season, but why not enjoy a stylish flower motif that will brighten your mood?
From "cute" to "adult", we have a variety of designs ♪

Introducing the mini ear cuff that will be one point.
It has a gorgeous design with bijou spread all over, but it has a small size, giving it a lovely impression.
If you layer it with your own piercings and earrings, your face will be even more gorgeous.

bijou flower ear cuff

Four types of rings, all of which are completely different, can be matched to your taste and clothes.

For those who like voluminous designs, even just one item will make a statement.
Perfect for everyday use and party scenes.

epoxy flower ring

flower bouquet ring

A ring with a delicate design is recommended for those who want to wear it casually.
It is easy to layer and you can enjoy various coordination.
Both are cute items that are not too simple with a bijou as one point.

Openwork Flower & Butterfly Pinky Ring

rose design fork ring

Introducing the flower items that have been well received at LUNA EARTH for a long time♪

The popular flower earrings are small but cute.
The luxurious design with three rows of flowers sways around your ears when you move, making it more gorgeous.

Triple Flower Clip Earrings

Depending on the angle, the flower earrings with the central pearl as a point can also look like a butterfly silhouette.
All of them have gentle colors that are familiar to the skin and are designed to be easy to wear.

Epo Flower Titanium Earrings

For those who always choose simple accessories,
Depending on the design, the flower motif is also an item that is easy to wear.
Even in the winter season when heavy outerwear and knitwear are on the rise, how about creating a glamorous look with accessories around your ears and hands?

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