Many new necklaces have arrived

Many new necklaces have arrived at LUNA EARTH.
The impression of a necklace depends on details such as the type, length, and motif of the chain.
Wear it with a simple shirt in spring and summer, or over a knit in autumn and winter.
You can enjoy coordinating with your clothes in mind.
From basic to trend, please check it out.

Introducing a short necklace up to the collarbone that makes your decollete look beautiful.

This necklace uses glass, natural stones, and beads motifs.
While each part has a delicate impression, it creates a gorgeous and luxurious feeling.
Even if you wear it with clothes that have an open neck or layered with a top, it will still look beautiful.

marron cut color glass necklace

Natural stone x glass station necklace

MIX beads necklace

A square motif necklace that goes well with casual fashion.
The simple yet strong design is sure to catch the eye.
One of the attractions is that you can wear it without choosing clothes.

square design pendant necklace

The trend-like chain necklace is the simplest and easiest item to introduce this time.
The flexible chain gives it a stylish look even when worn alone, but you can also enjoy layering it with other necklaces.

criss cross chain necklace

It is an introduction of a long necklace that the top part comes to near the chest.
The motif is impressive, so it is recommended to match it with simple clothes.
It goes well with a chic dress with an open neck or a party dress.

Epo Charm x Snake Chain Long Necklace

color square pendant long necklace

This time, we have introduced a large number of necklaces that have arrived, but did you find a favorite?
A necklace that you want to have according to your coordination and taste of the day.
Please take a look at it.