A lot of spring occasion accessories have arrived!

Little by little, the days that feel spring are increasing these days.
We have received a lot of recommended occasion accessories that can be used for ceremonies such as graduation ceremonies, weddings and other occasions, and for work.
Please use it as a reference for formal coordination.

A pearl necklace that you want to have one point is highly versatile and recommended for ceremonial occasions.
The length of the necklace itself is the same, but the size of the pearl grains is different, so you can enjoy using it alone or layering it.

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace

A one-point necklace that can be used for special occasions and daily life. Because it is a short necklace that goes up to the collarbone, it has a design that makes your décolletage look beautiful.

color epoxy charm pearl necklace

The first brooch item online.
The small design has a size that is easy to wear while maintaining the gorgeous impression.
Recommended for everyday use.

Natural stone style color stone design brooch

Gorgeous ear accessories range from items that can be worn casually to voluminous leading items.
How about choosing one that matches your clothes and the situation?

Pearl x bijou earrings

wave line pearl clip earrings

flower bouquet earrings

flower bouquet titanium earrings

Dot Pearl x Organdy Ribbon Hook Earrings

What did you think.
The accessories introduced this time are all accessories that we would like you to use as a focal point for your outfit on a special day.
Please look for the perfect accessory for your special day♪

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