A unique volume ring has arrived.

We have a wide variety of volume rings with LUNA EARTH-like designs that are not too hard.
A must-have item for a higher-grade fashion, such as when you want to make a strong presence.
Please check it out♪

Two types of popular fork rings are available.
It is an item that can create a hand with a slightly different impression than a normal ring.

A fork ring with an elegant combination of pearls and bijou.
You can also use it in formal occasions.

line pearl & zirconia bijou fork ring

The eye-catching bijou motif is characterized by its voluminous feel that can be used as the main item.
It's not too hard, not too sweet, and I would recommend it to adult women.

zirconia flower ring

Introducing a fashionable leading role ring with an exquisite balance of simplicity and volume.
Because of its simple design, it is recommended to stack it with other rings, but each one has enough presence.

wide face cuff ring

solid stripe ring

loop design ring

What did you think?
The rings introduced this time are all items that are easy to stack or use individually, so if you incorporate one, the range of coordination will be greatly expanded.
Please try to challenge the new hand arrangement.