"Nail rings" that you can easily enjoy the fashion of your fingertips have arrived!

Do you know the popular “nail ring”?
A “nail ring” is a ring worn near the nail.
A normal ring is worn at the base of the finger, but the "nail ring" is worn close to the fingertip, making the finger look beautiful.

For those who usually wear nails, you can combine it with nail art to make it more gorgeous.
Even those who can't usually do nails due to work, etc. can easily enjoy the fashion of their fingertips with a "nail ring" on their days off.
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We have two types of nail rings with one big cubic zirconia as one point.
The design gives off a strong presence by itself, but it goes well with any item, so we recommend layering it.

(Left) Drop Bijou Nail Ring / Cubic Zirconia

(Right) Oval Bijou Nail Ring / Cubic Zirconia

For those who like simplicity or want to coordinate with other nail rings, this clean design is recommended.
Since it is a non-decorated type, you can wear it casually.

metal line nail ring

Here is the most luxurious and gorgeous design in the lineup to introduce this time.
Luxuriously treated with cubic zirconia, the flower motif is one of the main points of this item.
The pointed shape makes your fingertips look beautiful.
This is one item that you should definitely wear on days when you want to dress up more than usual, such as when you are invited or on a special outing.

flower bijou nail ring / cubic zirconia

What did you think.
Some people usually wear rings, and some people may have heard of “nail rings” for the first time.
As with rings, there are various designs for nail rings.
Even if you haven't had one before, you can get LUNA EARTH at a small price, so it's easy to try♪
Please try to find your favorite design!

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