A lot of mini flower accessories have arrived!

Mini size is so cute!
A lot of flower accessories that can be worn casually have arrived ♪

The flower motif is gorgeous, but maybe a little too cute?
Isn't there some people who feel it?
The flower motifs introduced this time are all mini-sized items that can be worn casually.
Please check out.

The combination of flower x metal x pearl is exquisite♪
Here's a design that's simple yet makes a strong statement.

metal tulip earrings

metal flower titanium earrings

Among the items introduced this time, we would like to introduce an item with a particularly gorgeous impression.
The color is also cute, and it is designed to make you feel tight when you catch your eye.

cherry blossom earrings

bijou flower resin earrings

These 3 items are especially mini size items that can be used at work.
It is designed so that it does not get in the way even when layered with other items.

Petite Flower Wreath Set Resin Earrings

Petite metal flower set resin earrings

Swaying Petite Metal Flower Resin Earrings

What did you think.
It's still cold winter, but the flower motif is an item that can be one step ahead of spring.
Please try to incorporate it.

You can also see other flower items here !