A lot of accessories with spring motifs such as flowers, butterflies, and bees have arrived!

Cute and gorgeous spring motifs have arrived.
Following the popular flower motif last time, new motifs such as butterflies and bees have been added.
The colors are bright and there are plenty of warm designs!
Please check out!

Introducing accessories with motifs made of beads and pearls.
We handle pierced earrings, earrings, and set rings in the same series.
It is also recommended to wear it by linking the motif of the ear and the fingertip!

Flower & Butterfly Bead Ring Set

Beaded Butterfly & Pearl Flower Clip Earrings

Beaded Butterfly & Pearl Flower Earrings

It is an introduction of the "insect" motif.
You may feel a little resistance when you hear the word "insect",
The metal material is simple, so it is surprisingly easy to incorporate.
The small size makes it a point to wear casually ♪

mini butterfly resin earrings

bee titanium earrings

These mini flower earrings have a very cute light gradation.
It has a gorgeous design that changes the appearance of the color depending on how the light hits it.

Gradient Flower Titanium Earrings

What did you think.
Motifs such as butterflies and bees that you don't usually wear are designed to be easy to wear, so please try it!

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