Easy and cute hair arrangement comes true! Many new hair cuffs have arrived.

We have a lot of hair cuffs that can quickly hide the knot and create a mature feeling!
After tying your hair, you can create a simple hair arrangement just by inserting it.

Simple with metal material.
If you want to create a mature and calm impression, we recommend these three types.
It's simple but has a solid presence, giving it a rustic impression.
Easy to match with any style and easy to layer with other hair accessories.

Wide metal pony hook with chain

nuance metal pony hook

metal line pony hook

If you want to create a feeling of spring, why not choose something with gorgeous colors and shapes?
Transparent acrylic and natural stone motifs add color to your usual hairstyle.

metal flower pony hook

beaded flower pony hook

Natural stone sazare line pony hook

Aurora Soap Pony Hook

This type, which we definitely recommend layering, is also recommended for invitations.
The small motif is very cute, and you can layer it to make your back look gorgeous.

Acrylic bijou & pearl mini pony hook set

What did you think.
For the new season, many people may want to try putting their hair together and trying various hair arrangements.
Hair cuffs make it easy and cute to arrange hair, so it is recommended for beginners and clumsy people!

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