Many new spring designs have arrived in the popular item "Deft Van"!

Deft van, a versatile item that makes it easy and easy to combine hair,
It has become a very popular standard even on LUNA EARTH online.
This time, we have a lot of designs featuring spring-like fabrics and colors ♪

[Silhouette satin material like a butterfly with a cute texture that is soft]
The rounded butterfly-like silhouette of the deft van is available in satin fabric that gives a glossy and gorgeous impression.
The design that combines cuteness and adultness is perfect for spring!

soft color satin deft van / round

Basic Satin Deft Van / Round

[adult basic design]
For work and everyday use. The basic design is definitely recommended for those who want to wear it naturally without making it too much of a point.
Although it is simple, the atmosphere changes depending on the color, so please choose the type that suits you best.

soft suede deft van

parallelogram differential van

[A twist in the material. Deft van with spring-like texture]
We have prepared a deft van that uses materials that give a considerably lighter impression compared to the fall/winter deft van, such as ribs and openwork checks.

Soft Rib Deft Van

Plaid Deft Van

Casual Deft Van

What did you think.
Deft vans can sell out of popular colors every time they arrive.
It is a recommended hair accessory that is both fashionable and easy to use at the same time!

Please check it out as soon as possible because it is a popular item!

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