An adult metal hair accessory that shines with a sense has arrived.

A large number of metal hair accessories have arrived that create a simple and mature atmosphere.
Metal accessories are perfect for when you want to look chicer than usual or for work days.
There are plenty of simple and stylish designs that are sure to be useful all year round.
Please check out!

We have two types of metal combs that leave a strong presence.
The nuanced design creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

nuance metal comb

Point Pearl x Metal Line Comb

A hair bun that features a unique nuance line completes a trend-like hair arrangement with just this one.

slim metal design barrette

This hairpin, which features a small flower motif, is cute and the metal material complements the motif.
The design that is not too sweet is perfect for adult women.

metal flower hairpin

Highly versatile pony hooks are recommended for stacking.
A set of 2 types of small pony hooks with different shapes, making it an item that you can easily enjoy various hair arrangements.

Mini Nuance Metal Pony Hook Set

A triangular motif hair elastic with a metal frame that tightens the whole.
It is recommended not only for hair arrangement, but also for wearing on the arm like a bracelet.

Triangle design hair rubber

What did you think.
The items introduced this time are all accessories that give off a presence even when used alone, and are easy to balance even when layered.
Metal material does not choose hair color, so any styling is decided.
There are many designs that are easy to use and can be used regardless of season or generation, so please take this opportunity to check them out.