Fashionable and stylish headbands such as bijou and metal have arrived.

Introducing a headband that can be used for both daily use and parties.
It has a slim frame that gives it a stylish look.
The glittering brilliance of metal and bijou is also a point♪ Please check it out!

If you want to create a glamorous look, these two types of headbands using bijou.
Although it has a gorgeous impression, the delicate frame creates a feminine look.
It is recommended for one point of hair arrangement!

Bijou Flower/Metal Frame Headband

Point Flower/Metal Frame Headband

The three-row type, which is simple yet has a strong presence, gives it a mature style.
Rather than "cute", it creates "coolness" and "mode".
You can enjoy a seasonal hair arrangement just by adding one point to your back style.

Triple metal frame headband

The headband has an elegant braided design and has just the right amount of volume, giving it a stylish impression even when used alone.
From casual everyday use to events such as weddings, this item will add a gorgeous color.

braided metal frame headband

What did you think.
The narrow frame headband introduced this time can also be used as a back style worn on the back of the head.
You can use it according to various situations and clothes.

If you don't have it yet, please take this opportunity to use it♪