New clear accessories that sparkle in the sunlight have arrived.

A clear accessory with a moist texture that looks like a drop of water.
The material, which you will want to wear from spring to summer, creates a moderately loose feeling due to its transparency.

From ear accessories to hair accessories, various types of clear motif items have arrived this time, so please check them out.

There are 4 types of clear accessories with a gorgeous impression that encloses flowers. Just by adding one point to your usual styling, you can add gorgeousness at once.

Clear flower enclosed ear cuff

Clear Flower Encapsulated Hoop Earrings

clear flower enclosing ring

Slim clear flower enclosed clip

The voluminous earrings that look like soap bubbles have a light and cool impression due to the clear texture.
The color that shines in the aurora when it receives sunlight and the combination with metal are also points.

Aurora Soap Titanium Earrings

The hair barrette, which is perfect for creating an adult feeling of looseness, not only creates a sense of transparency, but also creates an elegant atmosphere.
Both have exquisite colors and silhouettes that will enchant you.

Aurora beads slimline barrette

nuance clear aurora barrette

Items with a clear texture are familiar with the skin and can be used according to various styles. The accessories introduced this time are all items that you will want to wear from spring to summer.
Please refer to it.