Simple design enhances fashion. A lot of popular metal accessories are available!

A metal accessory that is simple but can be used as a single item to accent your outfit.
It is easy to match with any style, and it is easy to use even in the coming season when you wear light clothes because it is familiar with your skin.

Would you like to enjoy the fashion of the upcoming season with metal accessories that you can enjoy layering?

The metal choker is especially recommended this time.
A metal choker that balances your neck when you feel lonely gives off a slightly fashionable atmosphere and creates a trendy look.
For advanced fashion lovers, we recommend pairing it with a long necklace.

simple metal neck cuff / choker

wave metal neck cuff / choker

2way pearl x metal neck cuff / choker

We have a wide variety of bangles that are very popular every year!
From simple items that can be used everyday to voluminous items that can be used as an accent when traveling or going out for a special occasion.

double knot metal bangle

knot metal bangle

nuance line volume metal bangle

The metal ring, which you want to use regardless of the season, is characterized by its simple yet smooth curves and texture.
Items with a lot of volume tend to look a bit rugged, but the rings handled by LUNA EARTH produce a somewhat delicate look even in wide items.
The design is easy for women to wear.

loop metal ring

nuance wide metal ring

What did you think.
Basically, accessories made of metal materials are popular items throughout the year,
In the upcoming season when you wear light clothes, you want to use it around your arms and neck.
The long holidays are coming up, so you can create a special feeling even if you take it with you when you go out!

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