A lot of butterfly accessories have arrived!

Butterfly accessories, one of LUNA EARTH's most popular motifs, have arrived in a wide variety!

A butterfly motif that goes from "elegant" to "feminine".
Butterfly is considered to be a motif representing "growth", "leap" and "beauty".
The butterfly has a mysterious atmosphere, but it is also a popular motif,
You may often see various types of fish.

This time, we have a lot of butterfly motif accessories, so please check them out.

The butterfly ring, which makes your hands look gorgeous, features a casually sized motif. Because it is a fork type, it is easy to adjust ◎

zirconia butterfly fork ring

We recommend both voluminous and small types of hair buns and hair clips that are easy to use.

nuance color clear butterfly vance

Marble Mini Butterfly Vance Set

Great for workdays or for going out.
We have a wide variety of ear accessories that can be worn in any occasion by changing the taste according to the mood and clothes of the day.

Shara Shara Butterfly Earrings

metal frame butterfly titanium earrings

Swaying glass chain butterfly titanium earrings

Petite Butterfly & Pearl Resin Earrings Set

What did you think.
All of them are recommended items that can add glamor.
If you don't have a butterfly motif accessory yet, please take this opportunity to try it!

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