Spring/Summer accessories in pastel colors that give you freshness have arrived♪

Pastel-colored accessories that give a soft atmosphere are familiar to the skin and give a gentle impression.
The pale tone that gives a calm impression even in colorful colors makes it easy to create a "mature and cute" look.

The new accessories we are introducing this time are recommended items with transparency and lightness ♪
Please check it out.

It is an introduction of hair clips and bangs that are characterized by pale colors.
The smooth texture and color unique to acrylic create a "modern" atmosphere with a single input.

Light Circle Mini Vance

nuance color big hair clip

The summer material wire pony is the perfect item for the coming season.
The ribbon made of mesh material with fine glitter gives it a refreshing atmosphere like summer.
The dull color gives a chic impression.

nuance color wire pony

The plump form and glossy texture are irresistible!
Although it has a simple design, these volume earrings have a cute aurora glow and are sure to make your face look gorgeous.
Two types are available: heart and square.

Acrylic Aurora Heart Titanium Earrings

Acrylic Aurora Square Titanium Earrings

What did you think.
Items that are easy to challenge even those who usually wear metal and monotone items.

For the upcoming season, please take it in!