A must-have for summer fashion! New anklet feature

Just when you think spring has come, the summer-like heat continues these days...
Isn't there more opportunities to wear sandals and show your skin?
This time, a lot of new anklets, essential accessories for summer fashion, have arrived!
How about taking in the trend from your feet?

Introducing anklets with beads and natural stone motifs that are one of the highlights of summer. You can enjoy combining it with clothes and shoes to match the cool and presence motif.

Double chain anklet with colored beads

Double anklet with square beads

Double chain anklet with oval beads

The simple anklet is designed so that you can enjoy wearing it alone or layering it.
The thin chain that does not become hard is easy to incorporate into your fashion, and you can wear it with anything you want to match it with.

Rhombus Motif Double Chain Anklet

screw chain anklet with drop charm / cubic zirconia

Double metal chain anklet

slim rhinestone anklet

The eye-catching colorful beads are not only anklets, but also bracelets, so we recommend styling them together♪

Summer color beads double anklet


What did you think?
Anklets are the perfect item to casually incorporate fashion ♪
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