Very popular! Heart & flower motif accessories are available♪

Heart and flower motifs, which are very popular every time a new product comes out, have arrived again!
We have a wide range of products, from "adult" to "cute", with different materials and shapes to change the atmosphere.
Hearts and flowers are both popular and everlasting motifs...!
Please check out!

[Heart motif]

The voluminous hoop-type ear accessories give a mature impression without being overly overstated!
You can wear it without being too sweet because you can't tell it's a heart shape at first glance.

Metal x Pearl Line Heart Titanium Earrings

metal heart hoop titanium earrings

Heart accessories that are cute in combination with casual rhinestones are available in two types: rings and necklaces.
The exquisite size of the motif makes it easy to use!

heart motif stack ring

heart frame rhinestone necklace

Not too simple, but when you don't want to stand out too much. . Click here if you want to choose accessories with a unique twist.
These two items are made with playful materials, and the combination of different materials has a fresh design!

Oval Titanium Earrings with Color Heart

Double Design Heart Earrings

[Flower motif]

Introducing small size earrings that can be used for parties and work.
The combination of wire and hologram gives a delicate impression, making it gorgeous and elegant.

Wire flower titanium earrings with hologram

Gorgeous and cute hoop earrings with pearl flowers, even though they are modest in size.
These earrings are sure to be the focal point of your updo style.

pearl flower titanium earrings

These heart-shaped metal flower earrings have a heart-shaped bijou in the center!
Both are greedy designs that you want to incorporate ♡

Metal Flower Titanium Earrings with Heart Stone

What did you think.
We introduced accessories with heart and flower motifs that are cute and exciting!
Both motifs are adorable and you will definitely want to cherish them for a long time.

Why don't you take this opportunity to try it?

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