We have a lot of allergy-friendly accessories that you want to wear in the summer!

A lot of metal allergy-friendly accessories have arrived.
It is recommended not only for those with allergies, but also for those who do not have allergies and feel itchy and irritated when they sweat.

We hope that even those who are restricted from fashion due to allergies can enjoy LUNA EARTH accessories!
With that in mind, we would like to introduce accessories made of stainless steel and nickel-free materials.

Please try to find your favorite design!

It has a skin-friendly finish that contains almost no nickel, which is the main cause of metal allergies.

A one-point necklace that shines like a jewel.
It is a design of quality that does not seem to be an affordable price.

Petite Square Bijoux Necklace / Nickel Free

1 grain color zirconia necklace / nickel free

Both rings with a little volume are designed to give you a sense of mode.
When your hands are lonely, you can add a single item to create a gorgeous look.

metal circle ring / nickel free

Nuance Cross Ring / Nickel Free

Introducing ear accessories that create a delicate and feminine look.
You can enjoy the stylishness of summer with just the right amount of presence.

Stone x wave line earrings / nickel free

swinging zirconia drop earrings / nickel free

[Stainless steel accessories]
The material is rust-resistant and stain-resistant.
It is resistant to sweat and water, so it is difficult for metals that cause metal allergies to melt out, making it a material that does not cause allergies.

Introducing accessories that are simple and basic and can be matched with any situation.
We have collected designs that you would like to accompany you not only for daily use, but also for formal occasions such as work and invitations.

square zirconia earrings / stainless steel

simple hoop earrings / stainless steel

hoop earrings with zirconia / stainless steel

oval hoop earrings/stainless steel

In addition, LUNA EARTH wants everyone to wear it safely,
We have a wide range of accessories that are gentle on the skin and are compatible with metal allergies.

Please check out our other items.

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*There are individual differences in allergies. It's not 100% impossible for everyone. In the unlikely event that it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately.