A lot of new headbands that you want to incorporate into your summer hair arrangement have arrived ♪

A headband that makes your face look neat whether you're up or down.
We have wide and thick ones, braided designs, and slim types that are convenient for parties.
Please choose according to summer styling.

A headband made of linen material that is perfect for summer is an item with a mature color and texture.
The wide and moderately voluminous feel can also be used as an accent for styling.

linen wide headband

Introducing a cute headband with a voluminous ribbon.
Because it is transparent, you can wear it without feeling heavy. Recommended for everyday use and invitations ♪

Organza twist ribbon headband

The combination of organdy and chain gives this headband a luxurious feel, and is designed to bring out your femininity. Fine glitter creates elegance.

chain motif headband

The plump braided headband can be used for both elegant and casual styles.
The basic colors match any outfit and are easy to use.

braid design headband

If you want to give a slightly elegant impression, we recommend a thin headband.
The design with pearls can also be used for occasions such as invitations.

line pearl slim headband

What did you think?
A headband can create a glamorous look, but it is also an item that can be freely arranged by combining it with ear accessories and hair accessories.
Please try to expand the range of hair arrangements with this headband that will make your complexion look brighter and make you more fashionable!

Other headbands are here !