Summer accessories have arrived to match your yukata.

The rainy season has begun, and the weather is not stable, but
Isn't there a lot of people who are looking forward to summer outings and events?

This time, we would like to introduce LUNA EARTH's recommended accessories that go well with yukata, which can be said to be a summer tradition.
Please choose accessories for your summer outfit that will make you feel a little more "special" than usual.

Wearing a yukata makes you want to arrange your hair in a way that you don't usually do.
If you have a hairstyle, let's style it more gorgeously than usual!

One thing looks complicated, but a simple Majeste that just sticks to a knot,
Both designs allow you to enjoy a mix of metal and acrylic materials.
Perfect for matching with a ponytail or half-up!

Wave Metal x Acrylic Marble Majeste

Nuance Acrylic Marble Majeste

Introducing metal items that can be worn casually, recommended for those who want to make the yukata the leading role.
The design is simple and not overstated, making it easy to use alone or layered.

Metal design curve pin with one pearl

Metal Flower Mini Vance Clip Set with Pearl

The cute barrette with summery materials and voluminous ribbons contrasts with its design with a strong presence, and the natural and basic colors complement the yukata attire.

Rattan style ribbon barrette

Butterfly vance with plenty of pearls.
It's an unexpected combination with a yukata, but you can create a gorgeous look just by adding one item.

pave pearl butterfly vance

Deft bang essential for summer hair.
If you match it with a yukata, the glossy material gives a moist and beautiful impression.

soft color satin deft van / round

This is an introduction of bijou ear accessories that match the presence of a yukata.
The bijou accessories introduced this time can be used for everything from everyday use to special occasions.
The styling that matches the color of the yukata and obi gives a cohesive impression, so it is recommended.

colorful bijou earrings

square bijou design earrings

Bicolor Bijou x Twisted Circle Titanium Earrings

The season for wearing yukata is just a little bit longer, but aren't you excited now?
Yukata can be enjoyed casually even in Japanese clothing, and you can freely enjoy the accessories that match it.

Please enjoy coordinating your favorite yukata and accessories!