A classic popular item for summer! anklet & bracelet feature

Many popular items have arrived this year!
We have a wide variety of anklets and bracelets that are indispensable for summer.

It's the season to wear light clothes and have more opportunities to show your skin.
From dainty designs that let you glimpse through, to designs that complete your summer outfit with a voluminous piece.
How about incorporating summer fashion from your hands and feet ♪

[Bracelet & Bangle]
From simple to individual.
In the coming season when T-shirts and sleeveless clothes are increasing, bracelets and bangles are useful when you tend to feel lonely.
There are items that will tighten the overall styling.

pearl flower bracelet

layered metal bangle

concho button metal bangle

Metal cross wave bangle with pearl

Tortoiseshell acrylic bangle

An anklet that was popular when we introduced it last time.
It can be used for a wide range of occasions, from everyday outings to summer outdoor activities.
You can enjoy the balance with a pedicure and coordinate with sandals.

Natural stone sazalean anklet with charm

heart motif anklet

Double chain anklet with natural stone


What did you think.
Bracelets and anklets can be used easily, so it is recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift or as a pair for couples!
Please check it out at this time when it is abundantly available!

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