Recommended for summer hair! A lot of new hair accessories have arrived!

After the damp and humid rainy season, the hot summer will soon come. For those who want to stay as comfortable as possible even on hot days, why not enjoy an up-style hair arrangement?
Hair accessories that can be arranged neatly, refreshingly, and cutely are in stock one after another.
Please choose according to the scene and clothes.

Hair bangs and barrette are recommended if you want to enjoy loose and rough hair.
Rather than making your hair tight, a slightly loose look gives a more mature and seasonal impression.
It's a nice item that you can quickly put together even when you're at home.

Clearance with aurora stone

flower motif vance

long acrylic vance clip

Summer barrette with rattan ball

The voluminous scrunchies and summer-themed hair ties add a touch of glamour.
Ponytails and buns are also simple styles that can be tied quickly, but you can enjoy summer hairstyles with a design that has a strong presence. It is also recommended to match it with a yukata in the coming season ♪

Floral x Shiny two-tone scrunchie

Marble color scrunchie

Rattan x color stone rubber pony

A summery botanical patterned hair turban is recommended for both up and down styles.
Furthermore, you can use it regardless of the length of your hair,
This is a must-have item for summer outfits that tend to be simple.

botanical pattern hair turban

Isn't there a lot of people who are worried about the spread and volume of their hair every summer?
We have introduced items that will make your stay comfortable and cute, as well as items that will help you get through the heat.
Be sure to check it out before the real summer arrives.