From children to adults! We have hair accessories that can be used in pairs ♡

Don't you think that LUNA EARTH accessories are only for adults?
In fact, we have many items that even small children can use!
Absolutely cute even when worn as a parent-child pair! This time we will introduce such hair accessories ♪

This mini-sized set hair elastic is convenient for fine hair and children, and is sure to come in handy for everyday hair arrangements!
Rather than putting it together, it is recommended to wear it with points.

Mini Pearl & Bead Flower Hair Rubber Set

We have a set of 3 colors of wire ponies that can be wrapped around your hair, braided, and various hair arrangements will come true.
Of course, you can use them individually, but if you use them all as a set, you will get a pop and cute impression.

Striped set short wire pony

The cute set hair clip with pearls has a size that is easy for children to wear.
It can be attached to the bangs or attached to randomly tied hair. Pearl ribbon mini clip set

The coil pony, which makes it easy to arrange cute hair without leaving a knot mark, gives you a nuanced feeling just by tying it. The clear color gives a summery impression, and the material is OK even if it gets wet, so it is also recommended for going out to the pool or the sea.

(Left) Ball chain design coil pony
(Right) Pastel color coil pony set

The barrette and wire pony styling is also cute, of course, even when used alone.
It's one of the fun to think about the combination by looking at the design and color balance!

Milky color ribbon barrette

Nuance color combed wire pony with hook

What did you think?
From children to adults, we introduced items that can make cute hair arrangements! Even with the same item, you can enjoy wearing them together by changing the colors and motifs.

We also have many accessories that can be used by people of all ages, so please check them out!