A strong summer companion! Mini Handy Fans have arrived!

A mini handy fan that allows you to easily enjoy the coolness anytime, anywhere has arrived at LUNA EARTH Online!
For daily commuting and short outings.
There is no doubt that it will be active in outdoor events and outdoors!
Summer is getting hotter year by year.

mini handy fan

The mini handy fan, which is small enough to be carried in a bag, is available in three colors.
A design that seems to have a cute balance of rounded forms and pastel colors ♪

Not just cute!
It is possible to adjust the wind force in 3 stages, and it is possible to operate for about 4 to 8 hours, making it extremely practical.
When using it on a desktop, it can be easily installed by attaching the included stand.
It can be used in a variety of situations, such as in your room, office, while traveling, or when exercising.

A handy fan that can be comfortably and easily used on the go.
The design is cute, so it can be used as a small gift.

Also, recently there are various types, so you may want to look for the type that suits you.
When using it while walking, don't forget to be considerate of the people around you, and use it comfortably as a countermeasure against the heat.