Convenient and cute Paku Paku Pouch has arrived!

Easy-to-use Paku Paku Pouch that can be opened and closed with one hand has arrived ♪

colorful spring pouch / eco leather

Easy to open and close because it uses a spring mouth.
It is just the right size for storing small items that tend to be lost, such as important accessories and cosmetics.

The inside is slightly brushed, so there is no friction, and you can carry things inside without damaging them.

There are plenty of color variations, and none of them are discarded!
It might be a good idea to have a few colors to sort the things you put in.

A convenient pouch that you will want no matter how many you have.
For yourself, of course, it seems that you will be pleased if you choose it as a small gift.
The neat and compact design makes it a convenient item that you can carry around anytime.
Please check it out♪