Many stainless steel accessories have arrived!

Summer is the time when people tend to wear simple outfits. .
We want to create a glamorous look with accessories, but there are probably many people who are allergic to metal or who get itchy from sweat.

This time, we would like to introduce stainless steel accessories that are resistant to rust and stains.
It is resistant to sweat and water, making it the perfect material to wear during the summer season.

This is a recommended item for those who want to enjoy fashion without losing to rough skin.

Earrings that are simple and casual to wear.
It is one point that I would like you to use for formal occasions.

simple hoop earrings

simple mini hoop earrings

The neck area is especially prone to sweating. Isn't there a lot of people who gave up on necklaces in the summer?
The two-row type is a focal point even when wearing a simple T-shirt.

Double coin charm necklace

We also have a wide variety of design rings that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.
From voluminous types that add glamor to your hand, to delicate types that look great layered.

open heart ring

quilting ring

flower motif set ring

simple set pinky ring

Easy to incorporate into any style, there are many designs that do not choose the situation,
If you have one, you will definitely be active.
There are many designs that can be used regardless of the season, so please check it out!

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*There are individual differences in allergies. It's not 100% impossible for everyone. In the unlikely event that it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately.