Colors and textures create the season♪ Many recommended summer accessories have arrived!

A lot of accessories that you want to wear in "summer", where you can enjoy the glittering shine and clear texture, have arrived♡
Summer is short, so why not enjoy a happy mood with colorful and transparent items?
Please check out!

Ear accessories with eye-catching bead motifs are available in two patterns: earrings and earrings.
The one-point motif is eye-catching and can be used to spice up the fashion of the day.

colored bead ball earrings

Bead button style titanium earrings

This is also an introduction of earrings with beads in a cute color scheme.
It makes your face look more gorgeous when you shake it.

drop motif color bead earrings

We also have a wide variety of acrylic items with a smooth texture that is perfect for summer.
Various items such as earrings, rings, hair accessories, etc.
Please try to find your favorite item.

Color stone circle titanium earrings

clear gradation set ring

Color acrylic nuance charm hair rubber

What did you think?
We introduced accessories that will give you a gorgeous look in the summer when you often show your skin, such as around your face and hands.
Summer tends to be simple, so let's enjoy sophisticated fashion with accessories♪