Many "single earrings" that can be used for one ear have arrived.

Do you know the "single earrings" that stylish people casually incorporate into their fashion?
A large number of "single earrings" that can be used for one ear have arrived at LUNA EARTH.
Earrings are often worn symmetrically on both ears, but "single earrings" are also a recommended item that allows you to enjoy various styles. Please check it out♪

Bar-type single earrings give a clean impression around the face.
The design has a somewhat modern atmosphere, but the motifs such as pearls that are the point add glamor.

Metal Beads x Pearl Single Earrings

Single earring with clear stone

Earrings that draw a smooth curve are different from the previous bar type, and have a feminine atmosphere.
The lean and minimal design can be used with any outfit.

Curved single earring with rhinestone

Curved single earring with pearl x zirconia stone

The type that sways around the ear gives an elegant and modern impression.
It adds glamor and is sure to be useful in the office or party scene.
You will stretch yourself a little and wear it with an adult impression.

chain tassel single earring

Ball chain motif single earring

Bijou x Pearl Chain Single Earring

What did you think?
You can enjoy it in various ways, such as wearing it alone, combining it with ear cuffs, or wearing different items on the left and right.
Would you like to enjoy a stylish look with a "single earring" that can create a sense of mode and enhance your everyday outfit?

We also have many ear cuffs that can be styled with single earrings!
Please check it out as well.