Very popular! Waffle tote bags have arrived!

Tote bags with cute fluffy waffle fabric have arrived!

The handle is long and lightweight, making it easy to carry.
It has a large capacity, so it can be used as a main bag, but if you fold it small and carry it, you can use it as a secondary bag!
Please check it out♪

waffle tote bag

The characteristic fluffy fabric is soft, and the simple design enhances the cuteness of the material.
Easy to incorporate into various outfits, excellent usability ♪

There are 3 colors in total.
The saxophone that can be used in any season has a coloring that is easy to match with any style.
And deep wine, green is perfect for the upcoming season.

A common problem with large bags is that the items stored in them are cluttered up and cannot be taken out immediately. .
The tote bag introduced this time also has an inner pocket, making it easy to put in and take out small accessories and small items.

For those who like a compact size, we also have this S size.
This is also an item that can be used for short outings, so please check it out♪

Waffle bag/S