A lot of hair accessories that I want to use in "Autumn" have arrived

Finally September!
It's still hot days, but I'd like to change my outfit for the new season.
Would you like to have a new hair accessory to match your autumn clothes?
A lot of dull colors and leather-like "autumn" accessories have arrived!

By changing the materials and colors, you can incorporate a lot of autumn.
Why don't you give it a classical atmosphere with a nodding autumn item?

Faux leather square three pin

mini ribbon hairpin set

Matt frame marble hair rubber

Dusty color scrunchie with twisted hoop

Cute volume!
The eye-catching motif and size create a trendy look with this one item.
Here are some recommended items for days when you wear simple outfits or when you want to add a touch of glamor.

big ribbon headband

nuance oval frame pin

matte color butterfly vance clip

What did you think?
The heat is gradually easing, and the weather and the city are starting to feel like autumn.
Please check out the hair accessories that you can enjoy this season ♪