Take it from the material! A lot of "Autumn" hair accessories have arrived.

It's been a little bit, but the heat is weakening and the days are becoming more comfortable.
Enjoy the upcoming season with "autumn" accessories that you can incorporate even now♪
This time, we will be introducing some particularly autumnal "materials." Please check out!

Tweed material, which is often seen from autumn to winter, will make a statement just by adding one piece.
The playful design is sure to catch the eye and create a seasonal feel. tweed heart rubber pony

tweed button rubber pony

tweed button hair clip

The chiffon material is easy to wear throughout the year, and the mature and calm colors instantly bring autumn to the mood.
The voluminous design gives a gorgeous impression.

chiffon ribbon hair tie

The cute "ribbon" motif also has a faux leather texture that gives it a clean and calming impression.
The clip has a glossy and elegant look without being too sweet.
faux leather ribbon clip set

We have introduced accessories made from ``autumn'' materials that are gorgeous yet classy and will elevate your fashion.
Enjoy the short autumn season with accessories that will elevate your style♪