Looks great with simple outfits! Volume necklaces are now available.

We now have a large number of voluminous necklaces that look great with knits and sweatshirts, making your fall and winter outfits even more fun.

The voluminous necklace can be worn with thick clothes without getting buried.
In addition, since the colors of clothes tend to be darker in the coming season, it will definitely brighten up the area around your face and add glamor.

A necklace with a popular motif as the focal point will determine your outfit for the day.
It has an eye-catching presence and can be matched with simple clothes for a trendy look.

metal heart kihei chain necklace

coin charm metal necklace

Shiny star 2-strand multi-chain necklace

2 strand coin pearl necklace

The classic pearl motif also has a voluminous design that creates a more elegant atmosphere than usual.
The design uses plenty of pearls, making this necklace a great choice for daily wear as well as when dressing up.

baroque pearl necklace

pearl chain necklace

Introducing a long necklace with a tassel motif that gives a vintage-like impression.
Since it is long, it will definitely look great when paired with a plain cut and sew or knit.
The suppleness of the tassel gives it an elegant mood.

chain tassel long necklace

This time, we would like to introduce you to a voluminous necklace that can also be the centerpiece.
All of our items are recommended necklaces when you're feeling a little unsatisfied or when you want to add just the right amount of spice to your outfit.
Please check it out♪