Looks great in party scenes! Elegant accessories have arrived♡

Pearl and bijou accessories can create a sense of elegance just by wearing them, and are easy to incorporate into formal attire such as suits and dresses, as well as beautiful daily coordination.
It's a versatile item that can be worn for any occasion, so you'll want to collect a lot of it.
This time we will introduce elegant accessories with a unique design.
Please check it out♪

Ear accessories that go well with a variety of occasions, including casual and dressed-up outfits.
It adds a subtle impression and makes the area around your face look even more gorgeous.

oval pearl titanium earrings

pave circle earrings

Nuance wave titanium earrings with pearls

Just add this one hair accessory to your usual hairstyle to create an elegant look.
Although it has an eye-catching design, the pearls and stones create a modest look, making it recommended for invitations.

pearl ribbon clip

crown vance clip

A headband with clean lines and three-dimensional oval stones and sparkling rhinestones.
Pair it with a feminine dress or skirt for a cute look♡

Headband with oval stones

This bangle has a simple design that combines pearls and metal, making it easy to match with casual outfits.
It will add a class to your everyday style♪
Pearl x metal ball bangle

What did you think.
It will add a touch of glamor to your autumn/winter outfits, which tend to be dark!
Pearl accessories can be worn not only in autumn and winter but all seasons, so please take this opportunity to get them♪