The main character of autumn/winter coordination! “Check pattern” items have arrived◎

Checkered patterns are a must-have for fall and winter.

Autumn/winter style tends to be calm, but just by incorporating plaid items, you can increase the presence of your outfit.
This time, we have collected such checkered accessories♪

A tartan check hair accessory with an intelligent and soft impression.
The muted color makes it perfect for ribbon designs without being too sweet.
Just turn it on to finish your hair arrangement and you'll be able to create a seasonal hairstyle that's perfect for this year.

Pearl x check ribbon clip set

tartan check ribbon barrette

A plaid scrunchie with a ribbon that has a classic and elegant image.
It will make even a simple hairstyle look gorgeous♪
We also recommend wearing it on your wrist when not in use.

Autumn check ribbon scrunchie

Hoop earrings with ribbons that look beautiful from any angle.
It has a sheer feel, so even if you combine it with hair accessories of the same plaid pattern, you can coordinate the look without making it look heavy.
Matching colors creates a sense of unity and greatly improves your style.

Hoop titanium earrings with plaid ribbon

These button-style earrings feature warm material and a subtle presence.
The muted color makes it easy to match with chic and elegant outfits, and it goes great with cute and mature retro outfits.

Tartan plaid button titanium earrings

What did you think.
Plaid patterns add variety to your fashion by simply adding them to autumn/winter outfits that tend to be dark.
It goes perfectly with a wide range of tastes, from casual to elegant images!
Why not enjoy fashion with such plaid accessories?

In addition to the products introduced this time, we also have autumn/winter items such as plaid patterns!
Please check it out♪