The point of hair arrangement! Many small Vance clips have arrived online◎

It's a small bounce clip that makes you wonder how to use it for a moment,
It is an item that can be used for various hairstyles regardless of hair length ♡
This time, in addition to the most popular bijou and pearl designs, we will also be introducing velor vane clips made of winter materials!

A van slip with a very popular butterfly motif.
Although it is small, the sparkle makes it stand out♪
Create a gorgeous hairstyle that exudes elegance◎

Butterfly motif mini bangs set

Pearl Butterfly Mini Vance Set

butterfly motif buns clip

The heart shape with its beautiful curves gives it an elegant impression.
It can be used for everyday style as well as for occasions♪

heart motif buns clip

pearl heart mini bangs set

This is a small bun clip with a velor design, which is a winter staple material♡
You can wear it on half-twin hair or on the ends of braided hair.
We recommend changing the location and angle of the attachment as it will change the atmosphere.

Velor heart mini bun set

velor ribbon mini bun clip

What did you think.
This is a feminine, elegant and gorgeous item that can add a touch of sweetness to casual outfits.
You can quickly twist the bangs, or add them to braids or updos, and the range of hair arrangements is greatly expanded!

In addition to the products introduced this time, we also have many smaller bang clips available!
Please check it out!

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