A very popular item! Heart-throbbing heart motif accessories are now available ♡

Heart motif accessories are a popular item among all generations.
The atmosphere changes depending on the material and color, and it can be used in a wide range of ways, from cute to beautiful.
This time, we would like to introduce you to a heart accessory full of happiness that we feel will be a great success!

These adorable plump heart motif earrings are all you need.
The perfect size and metallic luster add cuteness and elegance to your face.

plump heart metal earrings

Double metal heart titanium earrings

A heart motif necklace with a sophisticated design that will catch your eye.
It's not too sweet, looks great with simple outfits, and is recommended for daily use.
Matches with a wide range of outfits from casual to elegant ♡

mini metal heart necklace

Monochrome heart necklace with petite stones

pearl heart mantel necklace

This ring is not too sweet and has a subtle heart motif, making it perfect for adult women.
It has an easy-to-use presence and is easy to coordinate with other rings, so it is an excellent item that will be useful for your hand coordination♪

plump metal heart ring

open chain heart ring

Plump heart ring

A beautiful marble heart motif hair tie that will enchant you just by looking at it.
The calm colors keep the sweetness down.
Even simple arrangements can be made cute and stylish♪

marble heart rubber pony

This mini bath clip is very useful for holding bangs and sides a little.
The metal design is recommended for parties, and the color design is recommended for going out with friends.
Add it to your hair arrangement for a trendy hairstyle.

Open Heart Mini Metal Vance Set

Acrylic heart mini bun set

What did you think.
We have introduced some cute items that you will want to collect.
If you enjoy fashion, heart motif accessories are sure to lift your mood♪
If you want to try heart accessories, why not take this opportunity to get them?

We also have some new heart motif accessories that we weren't able to introduce this time, so please check them out♪

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