Featured items! Introducing trendy faux leather accessories♪

Faux leather is currently attracting attention as a new standard material.
This time we will be introducing faux leather accessories that are said to be the new standard♪
It is sure to be a hit in the fall and winter! Please check it out◎

A faux leather headband that gives you a sense of presence and trend.
With a clean and beautiful finish, it adds an elegant atmosphere to your daily outfits ♡

faux leather slim headband

faux leather headband

quilted faux leather headband

A scrunchie and pony hook that allow you to easily arrange your hair♪
Since it has a calm color, it is also recommended for those who want to try faux leather accessories!

(Left): Faux leather ribbon pony hook
(Right): Faux leather mini ribbon scrunchie

A clip with a gathered silhouette that gives your hair a mature look.
The leather-like texture matches the color of the clip, adding a mature look to your outfit.

Crumpled faux leather clip

The thin ribbon gives it a mature and cute look without being too girly.
This is an excellent item that can be used for twisting and securing bangs that are starting to grow out, or for updos.

faux leather ribbon clip set

What did you think.
Faux leather accessories are items that can be worn with a grown-up look and instantly make you look more sophisticated.
Just add it to your usual outfit and the leather-like texture will add a stylish accent.
Enjoy fall/winter fashion with this season's must-have faux leather accessories!