``Headdress'' is now available to make your special day a wonderful memory.

A headdress that can be used for various occasions such as parties and weddings.
This is an item that makes the area around your face look gorgeous, with the main feature being lustrous pearls.
This time, we would like to introduce a ``headdress'' that is recommended for such occasions.

It has a very delicate design, and the exquisite nuances of pearls and clear beads will add a gorgeous finish to your hairstyle.

The ribbon is removable, so you can change it to a different color or material to match the color of your dress.
This item is perfect for a day of precious memories♪

botanical flower pearl headdress

A sophisticated headdress with beautiful pearls and leaves.

The leaf has a design down to the veins, giving it a luxurious feel even when viewed up close.
It can be used in a variety of ways, such as braided into braids or used as a back headband.
It gives you a higher-grade styling and gives you an impression of pretty femininity.
Leaf x pearl headdress

What did you think.
A headdress is an item that will make your special day even more beautiful.
The neat and adorable design looks great when dressed up◎
The design allows you to freely arrange and enjoy the shape, so you can enjoy it over and over again by changing your hairstyle.
Please try wearing it for parties etc.

Click here for the headdress wearing video!