fluffy! Faux fur items that are comfortable to the touch have arrived♪

You'll want to wear fur items this season, right?
It is comfortable to the touch and adds warmth and cuteness even in the cold season.
This time we'll be introducing fluffy faux fur items that you'll want to touch.

First of all, it is a new type of accessory that you can simply straighten and wrap around your hair.
The fur has a sophisticated atmosphere and matches a variety of styles.
When you are not wearing it as a hair accessory, we also recommend wearing it on your arm.

faux fur patch band

A set hair tie and scrunchie that are sure to be useful for quickly tying up your hair.
It has a soft and gentle texture, and just by adding it to your simple hair, you can instantly create a winter mood.
This item is recommended for everyday use as well as for short outings.

Fluffy fake fur scrunchie

faux fur set rubber

Faux fur set rubber with pearls

A bang clip that gives you a mature look just by tying your hair loosely.
Comes with a ribbon, making it cute for adults.

Faux fur bun clip with ribbon

This is a large clip that will instantly create a sophisticated hairstyle with just one.
You can easily create a cute hairstyle just by wearing it in a bun or half-up style, so this item is recommended for those who are not good at arranging their hair!

Faux fur clip with pearls

Although it has a large motif and a simple design, it has a presence and is sure to catch the eye.
The warm colors and design create a gentle atmosphere.

faux fur ball rubber pony

How was it?
Just by incorporating one, you can create a winter mood.
Would you like to prepare for winter with warm fur items?
Please take this opportunity to check it out.