"Gloves" that make your hands look beautiful are now available♪

It's November, and it's almost time for full-fledged winter.
Autumn is still feeling a little warm, but are you ready for winter?
Gloves are an item that not only protects you from the cold, but also makes your hands look beautiful.
This time, we'd like to introduce you to some adult-looking, high-looking gloves that are recommended as gifts.

First of all, these faux suede gloves have an elegant slender silhouette and are soft to the touch, fitting your hands well.

As it has a simple design, it is sure to be useful in a wide range of styles, from casual to beautiful styles.
These gloves have a muted color that makes them look a notch higher ♪

faux suede gloves

These gloves have a cute design with fluffy fur on the wrists.

The sophisticated design and texture will elevate your winter fashion.
A must-have item for winter with warm boa fabric on the inside!

Faux suede gloves with fur

What did you think.
Both have elegant and higher-grade designs, but you can get them at an affordable price of 550 yen!
Moreover, it is touchscreen compatible, so you can operate your smartphone while wearing gloves.
Why not get through the winter with gloves that combine such design and functionality?
Please take this opportunity to check it out◎