"Tweed accessories" that will elevate your coordination are now available.

A ``tweed'' item that is indispensable for a beautiful outfit.
You often see them in the fall and winter.
Incorporating tweed will instantly make your outfit look mature and elegant.
This time, we'd like to introduce you to some tweed patterned accessories that you'll definitely want to wear when going out in the winter!

First of all, scrunchies are easy to match with office and formal fashion.
With the gorgeousness of tweed fabric, you can create a higher-grade hairstyle just by tying it quickly.

tweed piping scrunchie

A tweed headband that adds a girly and luxurious feel.
It's an adorable item with a plump design that makes it stand out ♡

plump tweed headband

This elegant hair clip will brighten up your face by simply clipping it to the side.
This is an excellent item that allows you to create a beautiful hairstyle without having to do difficult arrangements.

Tweed hair clip with pearl and flower

tweed big three pin

These large tweed heart resin earrings are eye-catching.
Even simple coordination will look cute with just this one♪

tweed heart resin earrings

What did you think.
The tweed pattern is loved by many people regardless of trends.
Why not enjoy winter events and outings even more with tweed accessories?
We also have other tweed items available, so please check them out!