The trending item [knit bag] that has become a hot topic on SNS is now available.

The trendy item, the knit bag, has finally arrived!
Not too small, not too big. This knit bag is just the right size for everyday use.
The size makes it easy to use as a sub-bag, and it is sure to be useful.
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Soft touch knit that is tightly and finely woven.
It is a thick material that does not lose its shape and is highly durable.

It has a larger capacity than it looks, and can store the items you need for a quick outing.

There are so many variations that you'll want to collect as many as you can!

Knit bag / dot pattern

Knit bag / chevron pattern

knit bag / flower

knit bag / cat

You can easily turn it into a shoulder bag by attaching a shoulder strap for knit bags.

Shoulder belt / for knit bags

The length of the belt can be adjusted.
We also recommend giving it as a gift with a knit bag.

What did you think.
A knit bag that is simple yet stylish and is a must-have item right now.
Even if you're not good at incorporating color into your clothes, you can complete a seasonal outfit by adding a knit bag.
Why not enjoy going out even more with such a knit bag?

This knit bag arrived today, but other designs will be released soon.
looking forward to!