Recommended Christmas gift wrapping is now available as a gift for your loved ones.

It's finally less than three weeks until Christmas.
Have you prepared the Christmas presents to give to your friends, family, and other important people?
LUNA EARTH also offers Christmas-only gift bags and drawstring bags that can be used all season.

A stylish Christmas gift bag with a transparent window design that allows you to see the contents.
The bag is based on Christmas-like red and has a tree, Santa Claus, gorgeous gold-colored reindeer, and the words "MERRY CHRISTMAS" printed on it, and is made of sturdy material that gives it a luxurious feel.

christmas gift wrapping

The gold ribbon gives it a luxurious feel, making it a recommended gift bag for your loved ones.
A ribbon is set in the main body, so you can easily wrap it without spending a lot of time.

Gift bag with non-woven ribbon

We also have drawstring purses with daisy patterns and sequins.

Daisy pattern drawstring bag / S
Daisy pattern drawstring bag / M

Embroidered flower x sequin drawstring gift bag / S
Embroidered flower x sequin drawstring gift bag / M

What did you think.
Recommended not only as a Christmas present, but also as a small gift to express your daily gratitude.

We also offer a variety of gift wrapping options.
You can check it here!
Please take a look.