We now have accessories that go well with the kimono, which is recommended for special occasions.

January is a month where there are many occasions to celebrate by wearing kimono, such as New Year's Day and Coming of Age Ceremonies.
Also, sightseeing in kimono is now a standard practice.
This time, we will introduce gorgeous items that are perfect for such a special outing.

A U-shaped comb that matches a modern atmosphere and goes perfectly with kimonos.
Just insert it into a bun or ponytail to add a mature look.
We recommend wearing them individually, but you can create an even more advanced hairstyle by layering them.

Comb watermark design U-shaped comb

Elegant U-shaped comb

This ribbon bang clip will add a gorgeous finish when matched with a ponytail.
This item is recommended not only for Japanese clothing such as kimonos, but also for dress-up styles.

flared ribbon bang clip

A hairpin with a feather motif.
Just wear this one and you'll create a beautiful hairstyle with delicate feather lines.

feather motif pin

These earrings have an outstanding presence with a large butterfly motif that goes well with Japanese clothing.
We also recommend wearing matching kimonos when you go out with friends.

butterfly motif earrings

A brooch with sparkling pearls and bijou.
You can easily match it with your kimono by using the obi clasp for the brooch (sold separately) and create your own kimono style.

Upper left: Ribbon motif brooch
Lower right: Bijou x pearl brooch

Left: Half moon brooch
Right: Heart motif brooch

This is a metal fitting that allows you to easily convert your existing pin brooch into a obi clasp.
Can also be used as shoe accessories such as sneakers.

Obi fastening metal fittings (for brooch)

We also have nuanced metal brooches.

metal nuance brooch

What did you think.
If you're going to wear a kimono, you'll want to choose accessories that are personal to you.
Not only can it be worn with Japanese clothing, it can also be used as an occasion item.
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We also have accessories that match the kimono.
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