``Headdress'' that is easy to use for any occasion is now available.

We now have a pin-type headdress that is recommended for those who are worried about their hairstyle when dressing up for an invitation or party.

headdress / pearl

Since it is a U-pin type, it is an easy item to insert where you want to add volume or accent.
Just insert it into half-up or bundled hair to easily create an elegant and gorgeous arrangement.

Headdress / pearl x clear beads

headdress / leaf

Headdress / Pearl x Stone

Headdress / Pearl x Marquise

You can choose it according to Japanese clothing such as kimono.
This is a recommended item that allows you to enjoy various atmospheres depending on the position you wear it and your hairstyle.

headdress / pearl flower

In the photo, it is worn in combination with a botanical flower pearl headdress .

What did you think.
If you're going for a dress-up style, you'll want to be particular about your hairstyle.
This is an item that even those who are not good at difficult arrangements can easily enjoy arranging.
Please check out!

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