A focal point for your coordination! Many sparkling bijou accessories have arrived.

Bijou means "jewel" in French.
In fashion, it can also refer to imitation stones that sparkle.
Introducing bijou accessories that match not only party scenes but also everyday style.
Please check out.

Ear accessories that brighten up your face.
The large ones have a strong presence, while the smaller ones have a subtle sparkle.
At this time of year, we recommend pairing it with a light-colored knit.

Elegant bijou titanium earrings

Pearl x bijou titanium earrings

Pearl x bijou concho earrings

Bracelets and bangles that can be worn casually.
The small bijoux makes it easy to use daily and gives off an elegant and mature look.

Heart x flower charm bracelet

ren bijou bangle

A bijou ring that adds color to your hands.
The retro pop mood is attractive and easy to incorporate into casual outfits.

elegant visual rings

mini bijou set ring

What did you think.
It is an item that will be useful in various situations if you have one.
In addition to the products introduced this time, we also have many other bijou accessories, so be sure to check them out!
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