Formal accessories are now available to brighten up your special day.

A formal accessory that can be used for celebrations, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and other special occasions.
Just by wearing one, it will add elegance to your outfit.
Please check out.

A hair accessory with pearls.
The key point is that you can easily wear it without having to make difficult arrangements.
The pearls give it an instantly feminine and glamorous look.

Center pearl ribbon barrette

Pearl x satin ribbon scrunchie

line pearl headband

Bracelets and bangles don't come around your face, so you can wear them casually.
As it is simple but has a good design, it is recommended not only for formal occasions but also as a casual office item.

Pearl x metal double bangle

Color bijou x pearl bracelet

double rhinestone bracelet

We also have earrings and necklaces in stock.
You can wear it for any occasion, so it's a must-have accessory!

pearl hoop titanium earrings

pearl long necklace

What did you think.
I think there will be many special occasions in the upcoming season.
Please spend such a special day with LUNA EARTH accessories♪

In addition to the products introduced this time, we also have many formal accessories available, so please check them out.
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