Many hair accessories that “color spring” have arrived♪

As we enter February, the warmer days are gradually increasing.
In spring, some people may go out to enjoy cherry blossom viewing and other activities.
We have some cute hair accessories in stock that are perfect for welcoming spring!
At the end there are also photos of the item actually being worn, so please check them out!

This ribbon motif accessory is very popular in our online shop.
Ribbons are a trendy item that is getting a lot of attention right now!

Ribbon x pearl hair clip

Organza Ribbon Elastic Pony

This hair clip comes in bright colors that will add color to your outfit.
The light acrylic impression creates a spring-like feel.
It is firmly fixed in place, so you can feel secure when wearing it.

Half Moon Bang Clip

This set of elastic bands is recommended for those who want to try out some new hairstyles this spring.
It's sure to be a great help for easy onion hair styles.
Each set comes with three pieces, but you can enjoy arranging them in any combination you like.

Pastel Coil Pony Set

Spring Color Set Scrunchie

What did you think.
We have introduced some spring accessories that will brighten your mood.
Try out different hair styles with these items for the new season!