~JAPAN COLLECTION~ Many Japanese-style accessories have arrived.

Now that there are no restrictions on going out, tourist spots are becoming quite crowded.
The Japanese-themed accessories exude elegance even in their innovative designs, with a pure and core shine.
We will introduce Japanese-style accessories that are recommended not only for overseas visitors but also for kimono sightseeing with friends.
Please check out.

When you think of Japan, many people probably think of cherry blossoms.
These cherry blossom motif earrings are loved by many people for their ephemeral beauty.
The pale pink color of cherry blossoms gives a gentle impression.
This is a must-have item for the arrival of spring.
We also carry earrings here◎

cherry blossom titanium earrings

An accessory with an origami crane motif.
Origami cranes are considered a symbol of peace and are a lucky motif that has been loved since ancient times.
We have summarized these Japanese traditions in the form of cute accessories.
It goes well with yukata and kimono.

Origami crane titanium earrings

origami crane earrings

origami crane necklace

A hair accessory with a hemp leaf pattern, one of Japan's traditional patterns.
It is said that hemp leaf stalks have the meaning of wishing for the healthy growth of children and protecting against evil spirits.
It's simple and has a sophisticated openwork pattern, making it easy to match with a variety of fashion styles.

Pin with Japanese charm

Japanese style square barrette

Japanese pattern pony hook

A modern Japanese style hair clip.
It can be casually matched with updos, so it is recommended for those who want to try Japanese-style accessories.

Japanese style set clip

What did you think.
Please try incorporating Japanese tradition and culture with Luna Earth's Japanese style accessories ♪

You can see other Japanese-style accessories here .
More Japanese-style accessories are scheduled to be released, so stay tuned!