trend! Many ribbon accessories have arrived.

Ribbon accessories are attracting attention as a trend this spring and summer.
The number of people who are incorporating ribbon motifs into their coordination is rapidly increasing.
Introducing Luna Earth's ribbon accessories that can be worn cutely without being too sweet◎

Eye-catching earrings with swaying ribbons.
Just by wearing it, you can brighten up your everyday styling, and the simple design and reasonable size make it easy to incorporate and use in a variety of situations.

Ribbon titanium earrings / stone

metal ribbon titanium earrings

A mature and girly ribbon barrette that will greatly elevate your hairstyle.
Beautiful feminine colors will brighten up your spring outfit.

feminine ribbon barrettes

chiffon ribbon barrettes

A bow clip with a ribbon motif that exudes elegance.
Rhinestones and pearls give a mature and elegant impression without being too cute.

Ribbon motif bun clip

A trendy headband with a feminine satin mini ribbon.
The muted colors make it easy to incorporate into a variety of coordinations.
headband with ribbon

What did you think.
If you want to casually incorporate trends, we recommend accessories.
We also have many other ribbon accessories available.
You can see it here , so please check it out!